Hand drawn portraiture of  horses, dogs, gun dogs, cats, farm animals, domestic animals or wild animals.

 For beautiful, lasting gifts or memorials of departed loved ones.

Also cars, motorcycles and boats.

Important Notice

All of my work is hand drawn, painted or inked. If you are offered prints of my work, it is NOT copyrighted or genuine. I do not sell prints. I do not trade on Etsy, Amazon, ebay, or Facebook, (although I can be reached via Facebook). If in doubt, please call me or email me. 

Buyer beware!

Wood turning services

I am now able to offer turned wood products to order, from staircase components to pots and bowls. Photos of recently completed work have now been added to my gallery page  All enquiries via my contact details please.

For enquiries, please call or text:

(0044) 07762 233 609


email: [email protected]